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Doubt on Business Rule evaluation order

user11440683Apr 18 2018 — edited Apr 18 2018



As standard I have period as a dense dimension.

I have a business rule that fixes on periods X:Dec, where X is changed each month.

Inside the business rule there is IF logic using current member to examine what the month is and applying subtly different results for each month.

All of the data is level0 data in the rule.

Am I guaranteed that in all circumstances the data will be evaluated in month order (Jan to Dec) if that is the order of the dimension members in the dimension, or if not, is there a way I can guarantee that they will be evaluated in that order, as each subsequent month needs to use the result of months prior to that in its calculation.

Ideally I do not want to use a loop or a fix statement beyond the initial fix.

i.e. (Simplified)

FIX (working, basedata, local, {ForecastPeriod})

IF (@ISMBR("Feb"))

            &currforc = "Actual"->"Jan";

        ELSEIF (@ISMBR("Mar"))

            &currforc = ("Actual"->"Jan" + (2 * "Actual"->"Feb")) / 3;

        ELSEIF (@ISMBR("Apr"))

(etcetera with subtly different non-formula friendly formula for the rest of the months)


Thanks in anticipation of your input.

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