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Domain Number Strict and Precision

Mike KutzDec 23 2023 — edited Dec 24 2023

Given a domain with a number data type with a precision, how is strict expected to operate?


create domain test_dom as number(4,0) strict

this, unexpectantly, passes

select domain_check_type( test_dom, '1234.56' ) as is_valid

Documents describe how varchar2 operates but not (or it isn't clear) how strict domains operates with number(length,precision) data types and an inappropriate number (too precise) is given.

it seems the string '1234.567' is first converted to 'number(4,0)' then tested for length. I was expecting it to be converted to number then the length&precision are tested to see if it fits into number(4,0)

This post has been answered by Chris Saxon-Oracle on Jan 3 2024
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Added on Dec 23 2023