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Does using an IDE limit the learning experience?

800330Nov 10 2010 — edited Nov 16 2010
I followed some threads in the New to Java section and noticed some experienced forum members discourage the use of an IDE when starting to learn Java (for example in [url]Java) and recommend to use a simple text editor and command line compiler invocation.

I consider my IDE, Eclipse a bliss. I would be seriously hampered without having code completion, javadoc-tooltip and fix imports around. And I would think that not having to concern oneself with classpaths, imports,... and having instant visual cues on syntax errors are experience-improving features in an IDE that help a new comer a great deal.

Hearing of BlueJ only a few weeks ago, I'd say having an entry-level IDE with less knobs and dials sounds like an even better idea. although I did not verify (by trying it out myself) the truth in rumors that BlueJ alters the code underneath and hides the tricky stuff to an extend one does not learn the Java language anymore.

So, is anyone able to convince me that the balance still tips over to favour vi/emacs/notepad and javac?
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Added on Nov 10 2010