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Does Oracle AQ JMS client support TAF?

489734May 31 2007 — edited May 31 2007
We run Oracle eBusiness Suite on database There are two db instances. For integration purposes we have several queues/topics in Oracle AQ. Both incoming and outgoing. We use AQ JMS (aqapi13.jar) interface on client side and jdbc thin drivers v.

Our connect string is now:

My question is does AQ JMS benefit from
- JDBC-OCI drivers on client side
- switching TAF on

The problem that we see is occasional client side hang, with very little clues what goes wrong. Our clients don't close the connections, but rather keep them open for ever.

Any advice for which jdbc drivers and AQ jars to use?
Or should we study TCP related timeouts etc. ?

I'm considering using following connect string:

jdbc:oracle:oci:@ (DESCRIPTION=
(LOAD_BALANCE=off) /* OFF for AQ, use first addr. */
(FAILOVER=on) /* connect time failover */
(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST= host1)(PORT=1522))
(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST= host2)(PORT=1522))
(SERVICE_NAME= CRMP) /* For TAF you need service name and failover_mode */

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