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Does iptables need to be enabled on the OVM Servers

AdanefelOct 24 2017 — edited Oct 26 2017


I've implemented an OVM 3.4.3 environment for my client. The OVM Manager is running on Oracle Linux 7.4 and has iptables enabled with the default rules created as part of the script. Iptables is disabled on all OVM servers however as this was the default configuration after installation.

We've just had a firm do a security health check and they've failed the OVM servers because the host firewall is disabled and not configured. Therefore my questions is does iptables need to be enabled for the OVM servers and if so, what rules should be implemented? A scripted list of the rules would be great.

Reading through the OVM security guides and other material I couldn't find any information detailing rules for the OVM servers, just the OVM manager. KB article Doc ID 2251442.1 in fact says that the firewall should be disabled on the OVM servers so I'm a little confused. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Added on Oct 24 2017
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