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Does Digital Assistant actually support spanish? AI - 23-10

Hello. Hope you're doing fine.

See, I'm playing around with the Digital Assistant platform, trying to get a better understanding of how stuff works. But I've encountered a problem.

I have two skills, they're the very same, the same intents, the same utterances, the difference here is, that one is in English, and the other one in Spanish. The platform won't let me train the Spanish skill, it throws an error right away, which looks like this. (It only lets me use the Trainer TM model, which has a warning sign on it)

On the other hand, I can train the other one (English) and have no errors. And gives me the option to train with the HT Model (which does not show in the Spanish scenario)

I've also tried to have both languages on a single skill, but it won't work either.

Any ideas on this one? What am I doing wrong?

Your feedback is highly appreciated.


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Added on Dec 6 2023