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Oracle Forms


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Does anyone know where might be best to go for help with Oracle Forms?

BuzzerMay 17 2023 — edited Jun 16 2023

I designed and developed an Oracle Forms / Reports application some several years ago now!! Version numbers for the database and Forms etc was 10.2.2. They have used the app with no issues for over 10 years now but have never invested in upgrading (no surprises there I guess). The operating system is MS server 2003 and was taken over with malware a day or two ago. This has been cleaned up and the server is running again (somehow) - but for obvious reason is not allowed onto the main company network any more. Therefore its now on a separate local network and although seemingly working OK the Forms app is not. I think its probably to do with change of IP address and some other config issues raised by the change of network.

Does anyone know (or know where I might be able to find out) which config files I could / should start looking into that might be causing an issue? Many thanks.

p.s. I don't currently have access to the server so I can't look around to try and nudge my memory,

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