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Does anyone know of a function or SQL code that can convert Latitude/Longitude values to its nearest

user13485990Oct 9 2014 — edited Oct 12 2014

Does anyone know of a pre-written function/SQL code (or something similar) that can take an inputted Latitude and Longitude and return the nearest Zip+4 centroid?

I see many offerings for products/data that will give the lat/long for a given zip5 or zip+4, but nothing that does it in the other direction.  Could somebody help me a bit on this, either a known piece of code or a way to do it in SQL.  I have standard edition so I do not have Oracle Spatial, only Oracle Locator.

Also, if you know of a product that can do this, I'm willing to buy the code or data.  I haven't found anything out there myself.


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Added on Oct 9 2014