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Documaker v12.6 - output file is generated with system generated unique ID

User_JUQ22Jul 6 2021

Currently I'm using 12.4 version of Documaker and Docupresentment shared object, and 2.7 version of Docupresentment server and client.
I upgraded Documaker and Docupresentment to 12.6.3 version. I'm passing input file location and name along with output file name to Documaker input queue in XML format, but the output is not generated with the correct name (as mentioned in the XML) instead its getting generated with system generated unique ID(45 characters). Please help me in resolving this issue.
I have the same setup which was there before in 12.4 version. But in 12.6.3 version I'm facing this issue.

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Added on Jul 6 2021