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Documaker AFP Printing - Medium Map Not configuration issue

Neethu RFeb 14 2024 — edited Feb 14 2024


We are facing an issue in Documaker AFP Printing for Medium Map configuration, here is the problem scenario.

Please help to provide suggestions!

Requirement : one of client demanding the AFP output file for Check form with specific Medium map for Tray 1 and Tray 2, suggested "MM000000" can be set to tray 1 and "MM000001" can be set to tray 2. X and Y should be 0,
Paper Size - should be set to the size of the physical medium desired, Letter or Legal.

Approach : We have updated the formdefinition file/Created the formdefinition file (file starts with F1*.DAT) by keeping the "MM000000" and "MM000001" as entries. and generated the (".FDF") file using the
"AFPFMDEW" utility and done the AFP resource loading using that file using "AFPRESRC" utility.

Issue : The generated AFP having the Medium map as "PLUD", While checking the file, defined formdefinition file is picking however the the defined medium map values arent updated in the generated AFP file.

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Added on Feb 14 2024