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Documaker Embedded fonts

Jon YeagerFeb 15 2024 — edited Feb 15 2024

Using Documaker 11.5. In font file PDF Properties, Embed Font is set to No. Used in all correspondence. There is a request to change the Embed font to Yes. This will affect all forms. Can anyone tell me what the risks are in doing this? Will this change our documents in how they view and print? Will there be issues with shifting text, font sizing, scaling?

And I don't know enough as to why, because this is pretty old, but the font file listed in the PDF properties is a .PFB.

For example:

Arial Narrow 10 pt

Font File | AN______.PFB

Char Set ID | W1

Embed Font | No

In the current PDF, in Document Properties, in the Fonts tab, I see this.


Type: Type 1

Encoding: Ansi

Actual Font: ArialMT

Actual Font Type: TrueType

Can anybody tell me if by changing the Embed Font to Yes, will this change how our document will look?

I know I can do a quick test, and I will, But wanted to see if anyone has gone through this already, and what the impact was to change.

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Added on Feb 15 2024