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Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)


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Do I have to pay for using any of the JDK(s) or buy any license?

user-pru3yJun 13 2023 — edited Jun 13 2023

I have used multiple JDKs (Java Development Kits) to develop java programs:-
1. Most of the development I have done is by using JDK 8u281. While installing JDK 8u281 it shows the license agreement: . I will upload the setup file "jdk-8u281-windows-x64.exe" and give a download link here if needed.
2. I may have used other JDKs before JDK 8u281 which I honestly don't remember.
3. As of 23 February 2023, I uninstalled JDK 8u281 and switched to using only OpenJDK 19.0.2 which has the license GNU General Public License, version 2, with the Classpath Exception .

After switching to OpenJDK 19.0.2, I have used it once for submitting demo work to a company as a vendor (no money earned). In future I plan to use OpenJDK 19.0.2 to do actual work and earn money from it in production environment as an end user along with other end users. Please note, I have used JDK 8u281 and prior JDKs only for developmental purpose not in production environment.

Do I have to pay for using any of the JDK(s) or buy any license?

(I am trying to do a service using the developed java programs as an individual. I am not working for or representing any organization.)

A reply from an Oracle Staff/Executive would be very helpful. Thank you.

This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Jun 26 2023
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Added on Jun 13 2023