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DLR hangs, ODI-1217 and ODI-1280 errors

samlambertFeb 18 2020 — edited Feb 27 2020

I'm executing a DLR after following the fishing with fdmee process and the DLR is hanging. I've had a look at the ODI Session Number and the logs show the following:


-<![CDATA[ODI-1217: Session COMM_LOAD_BALANCES (346501) fails with return code 7000.

ODI-1280: The Target Logical Schema AIF_TGT and Context UDA_ORACLE of the task Update Process are not mapped to any Physical Schema.

Caused By: com.sunopsis.core.SnpsInexistantSchemaException: ODI-17523: There is no connection for this logical schema / context pair: AIF_TGT / UDA_ORACLE.

    at com.sunopsis.dwg.dbobj.SnpConnect.getSnpConnectByLSchemaNameAndContext

But my UDA_ORACLE is mapped to a physical schema. When I try to map AIF_TGT to a physical schema it only says [[not defined]].

This post has been answered by SH_INT on Feb 19 2020
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