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Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

Displays same DATA_TYPE value for TIMESTAMP and DATE, while using ojdbc6

3262480Jun 21 2016 — edited Jun 21 2016

Hi ,

I'm facing an issue when I upgrade my ojdbc14.jar to ojdbc6.jar

Issue :

          data_type value for Date and Timestamp is same  ie., 93 if we use ojdbc6.jar.

          data_type value for Date and Timestamp is different as 91 and 93, if we use ojdbc14.jar.

          My Batch job fetches the data_type of the Oracle 11g TABLE and inserts value according to the data_type value it fetches.

          I have tried using ResultSetMetaData and DatabaseMetaData to get data_type value using getMetadata() method.

          Is there anyway to differentiate the Date and Timestamp data_type value using ojdbc6.jar?.


         Please Clarify.



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