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Displaying images in Briefing Book

580180Sep 17 2008

We are using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition v10.1.3.4.

In OBIEE Answers, we have two reports and one dashboard page that hold these two reports. It is to be noted that the measure columns in both the reports have some images based upon the criteria specified in "Conditional Formatting" for the measure columns.

With the above setup in place, here is the problem scenario:

When we create a Briefing Book and individually add the two reports to it, all works fine. The display generated by "Get Now" and "Print Now" buttons in the briefing book is OK.

However, if we create a Briefing Book and add the dashboard that contains the two reports (and not the reports themselves), then the display that is generated using the "Get Now" and "Print Now" buttons does not show the images in the measure columns - instead it shows a red X mark in place of the images.

If we add either of the report to this briefing book now, the red X marks are replaced by the corresponding images for that report.

In essence, we are not being able to display the images in the measure columns if we add the dashboard page (containg the reports) to the briefing book rather than adding the reports themselves.

Any help is much appreciated.

Best Regards,
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