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Displaying Hebrew language in Java 7 on Windows 7

user13165547Feb 16 2016 — edited May 3 2016

Hello all,

We have a java application that runs fine except on the combination of windows 7 and Java 7/8 where all Hebrew characters are displayed as squares (םםםםםםם)

Installing Java 6 instead of Java 7/8 resolves the problem without any other setting change. Once installing Java7 and higher the problem returns.

Hebrew Characters are displayed without any issue on other programs besides in JAVA.

On windows XP with Java 7/8 the application have no problem and displays Hebrew without any issue.

We tried all the combinations and various of settings changes without any success. (Including the Region settings in all combinations, Reinstalling fonts, Comparing Java font related files, Installing a fresh Windows 7 machine from scratch without any update or programs installed etc.)

Working with Java 6 is not possible cause the new version of our application requires Java 7.

Digging the internet didn't arise any solution.

Any suggestions ? Any Ideas ?

We're desperate

Thank you all 

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Added on Feb 16 2016