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Display only max date rest needs to be null

palkodiAug 20 2018 — edited Aug 20 2018

create table ter (ID number, date_given date);

insert into ter values (1, to_date('01/01/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into t values (1, to_date('01/02/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into t values (1, to_date('01/03/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into x values (1, to_date('01/04/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into x values (1, to_date('03/05/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into x values (1, to_date('03/29/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into ter values (2, to_date('02/01/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into t values (2, to_date('02/02/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into t values (2, to_date('02/03/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into x values (2, to_date('02/15/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into x values (2, to_date('02/12/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

insert into x values (2, to_date('02/11/2009','DD/MM/YYYY'));

i want the output as


i want the third column with max date value and rest be null

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