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Display and save editable Word document from a Blob in Oracle ADF UI Pop-up

User_09BOKAug 18 2022 — edited Aug 18 2022

Hello All,
We have a requirement to read a Blob(which can store Editable word document) from a Table/Filestore and display it in a pop-up upon clicking a button. The word document is editable ie., it has certain number of fields(dates, drop-downs etc) & tables that the user can modify(image shown below) once the pop-up is open. We need to open this word document in a pop-up where user can edit/modify and click on Save and we save the modified document(within the pop-up) back to the database as a Blob and they can continue to modify the document in the future. Is there a possibility to display the word document in edit mode and save the modified document back to blob using some handler? I went through some blogs and only found the ability to display the pdf or image or text in a pop-up in af:inlineFrame but not a word document. Any insight and direction in this is helpful and appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Note: We are currently using JDev, Oracle 12c and Linux server.

This post has been answered by Timo Hahn on Aug 18 2022
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