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Disk space getting not released in T10

user12187945Jan 26 2016 — edited Feb 1 2016


If there are three master nodes A,B,C and few readonly subscribers namely D,E,F. Few tables are replicated only between masters and few tables are replicated from any Master to all other Masters and its read only subscribers too. Datastore size in Master is 20GB. We are syncing the datastore from Master to read only subscribers using ttRepAdmin -duplicate command and then truncating the table data of the tables which are replicated between masters only from read only subscriber as it is not required in Subscriber. When data is truncated from read only subscribers for those tables which are replicated between masters only, will not the physical diskspace also be reduced in subscriber node as the datastore size is coming down to 10GB in read only [dssize ] subscribers after truncate but file size of .ds0 and ds1 files are still 20GB in read only subscribers also.



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