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Discoverer Workbooks inaccesible after Import via Adminstrator/Exx-File

LPNOJan 5 2018 — edited Feb 5 2018

We work here with two User-Accounts for Reportmaintenance and Development with DISCOVERER. User EUL_US is used for working with Discoverer Administrator, DISCO ist used to work with Discoverer desktop.

In the past Workbooks have been transfered as DIS-Files by DESKTOP between different DB-installations like DEV und PROD.

For a change - a lot of workbooks have to be adapted or newly created on two systems -  I tried Export/Import via Discoverer Administrator and EXX-Files. Although I thougth to profite from a textbased transfer format instead of a binary DIS-Dump eg. for version control.

This way I unfortuately managed to write reports created by (APPS) user DISCO on DEV to the PROD system. This in a way that on PROD they belong to user EUL_US instead of DISCO. (Guess I choose a wrong turn on one of the many import options).

I can't access these reports on PROD nomore for maintenace with DESKTOP. At least I need a onetime access to delete them. Actually I wan't to delete them because their visible to all businessusers. Businessusers can even start them in Discoverer Viewer. But if I can't access them, on PROD I can't maintain them nomore. (I lost them on DEV two, when I innocently wrote back the 'updated' Business area onto DEV before I got noticing that the reports changed ownership.

Thus have the problem:

  • How can I gain access with again DESKTOP again either with user DISCO or EUL_US?

I have to be able at least to delete these reports, or better to recover them, thus getting control over them with DESKTOP again.

Thus I could delete and/or further maintain/develop on these objects.

Thanks for your help,


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