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Discoverer Administrator EUL Export Doesn't Export All Functions

user3494507Oct 26 2012
Using Discoverer Administrator against an Apps EUL. Logged in with an Apps User ID with administrator privileges. When I export the EUL using File | Export "The entire End User Layer", I am shown all of the objects that will be exported. Everything is listed, including all of the registered functions.

However, when the export completes and I am shown a list of the objects exported, the only registered function shown as being exported is END_OF_TIME. Checking the export file verifies that this indeed is the only function definition that was exported.

If I start the export again -- logged in as the same user -- and choose "Selected objects in the End User Layer" , choose "Functions", and select all of the registered functions, they ARE all exported.

Why is this happening?
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Locked on Nov 23 2012
Added on Oct 26 2012