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Disburesment Separate Remittance Advice - Fusion - Print Delivery Method

Kunal LalwaniJan 24 2024 — edited Jan 24 2024

Hi All,

There is a fusion standard program that triggers Disbursement Separate Remittance Advice Report, it is a standard report which does not have any Data Model associated with it to do any customizations. This report offers two Remittance Advice Delivery Methods: Email and Print.

For Email, the program is working as expected. However, for Print Delivery Method it generates a PDF that is accessible via Schedule Process History.

As per customer requirement, there will be thousands of remittances and finding them through Schedule Process History and printing them manually is not feasible.

We need help in setting up/customize/configure “a Printer or FTP location” to send the remittance advice files automatically for “Print” Remittance Advice Delivery Method.


Kunal Lalwani

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Added on Jan 24 2024