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Disable Login screen in smartview using macro

Sudhir_Sinha-OracleJan 27 2024 — edited Feb 14 2024

Dear All,

We are looking out for option to disable login UI while creating the smartview refresh sheet. We are using macro and using HypUIConnect function to login as HypConnect is not working for cloud instances.

we tried to use HypSetBasicAuthToken and SSO as well but no luck.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Happy to run the session if required.

Use Case:

We are refreshing huge SmartView's report in background with multiple workbooks with multiple sheets. If we are able to login without login screen pop up, it will help us to batch the report refresh from background.

Code Snippet (add any code snippets that support your topic, if applicable):

x = HypUIConnect(vtSheetName, UserName, Password, "https://xxxxxxx/HyperionPlanning/SmartView|servername|XXXFIN|XXXRpt"))

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Added on Jan 27 2024