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Differentiating types of DLR failures using FDMEE tables

samlambertMar 16 2020 — edited Mar 23 2020

I'm trying to figure out a way we can differentiate types of DLR failures using FDMEE tables.

I've set up a DLR with all the mappings set to IGNORE. This DLR will fail at the export stage because there's nothing to export. I can look at VALID_FLAG in TDATASEG to see the mappings are set to N=Not Valid or I=Ignore and see why the DLR failed.

Are there any other tables I could query, particularly AIF tables, that would tell me why this DLR failed?

I have a status/log email I send out when DLRs fail. Some DLRs are supposed to fail though, so I want to be able to differentiate between different types of failures.