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Different versions of JAVA.

Webmaster in affittoJun 4 2018 — edited Jun 8 2018

Hi all,

I'm just starting to study JAVA and I'm little bit confused by the following reasons:

1) I've bought one of the last JAVA Programming manual and it refer to the version 9.

2) I've seen the last JDK is 10 and not more 9.

3) NetBean, Eclipse and the JRE for normal user are updated to 8.

So, If I try to learn and to program for JAVA 9 or 10, internet users can use them?

Why the JRE ready for download is the 8 and not 10?

Most of browsers support java applets since with firefox 64bit, for example, I cannot see which version of java is installed on my pc?

I'm sorry for too much questions, but I'm really confused

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