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different compilation level

User_4MPMNMay 4 2021

Hi guys,
recently I developed a Java Filter with Java 1.8 for a web application running in Tomcat.
It makes uses of classes from another jar I developped some years ago with Java 1.6 ( but recompiled in Java 1.8).
Now, when the filter try to instanziate object from this jar , nothing happens,
the program seems to stand by ( no errors ,anythings).
Is there any way to understand what's happening ? For sure there is an error somewhere but the stdout does not print anything and the program remains hanging.
This is the code in the class that remains hanged ( it seems that the class ServiceSoap_ServiceLocator could not be instantiate
many thanks
System.out.println("user " + user + " URLServ " + URLServ);
try {
ServiceSoap_ServiceLocator sl=new ServiceSoap_ServiceLocator(URLServ);
System.out.println("ServiceSoap ");

     ServiceSoap\_PortType serv;  
     serv = sl.getServiceSoapPort();  

     return true;  

  } catch (ServiceException e) {  
     // TODO Auto-generated catch block  

     return false;  
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Added on May 4 2021