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Oracle Forms and Reports Developer tools

Mubashar TariqJun 7 2023 — edited Jun 15 2023

I have a question about Oracle Forms and Reports (OFR) development. How do OFR developers unit test their apps. For example, a java developer can install WebLogic (developer version) on personal computer, deploy code locally, unit test before checking it in to git repo and then run Jenkins job to deploy it to main testing environment (integration, system etc.) How equivalent is done in case of OFR. Do the developers have to install everything (WebLogic Infrastructure , Oracle forms and Reports, RCU running and then configuration including creating report server etc) on their Windows development computer or is their some simpler way to setup their development environment on their machines?

Secondly, for now I have written small scripts that get called via some Jenkins jobs to install their code (forms/reports) on bigger Linux machine for Integration and system testing. Jenkins jobs works for them but I was wondering if their is a better product for OFR app deployment.

This post has been answered by Michael Ferrante-Oracle on Jun 20 2023
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