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Design question: Where does the user belong?

nsherApr 22 2014 — edited May 16 2014

I am testing Multitenant feature in 12c and in my multi-tenancy use case, a user can belong to more than one tenant. This is not a Oracle admin/local/common user, but a user in the application itself, existing in its own table.

So, here are the sequence of steps:

  1. user logs in using userId and password
  2. If user belongs to more than one tenant, ask which tenant he wants to work with now. Now change the PDB.
  3. If user belongs to only one tenant, switch to that PDB.

Question: Since I need the user info before getting into a PDB, can I create tables at container level? How would I do this? Or, do I need to have a separate PDB just for this?

Please suggest.


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