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Deploying Java via GPO issues

1049640Oct 22 2013

Here's a bit of background. I typically run the Java installer and get the msi's from the %appdata% folder.

Installation typically works well, however, in some cases it takes upwards of 1 hour to uninstall the old version and reinstall the new versions being pushed out.

From the research I've done it has to do w/ a missing installer.dll file. I'm assuming that windows is waiting on a timeout to occur before it proceeds which is what is causing the delay.

Does Oracle have a document that talks about how to properly deploy java in an enterprise environment. Is there a specific area that i can download an official MSI for Java rather than having to fish it out of %appdata%?

It's becoming really inconvenient to have users wait 1 hour for java to deploy every time we need to push an update out.

Any advise?

Thanks in advance.

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Added on Oct 22 2013