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Deploying an Application with Subscribed Authorization Scheme's - 21.2.3

Joe RFeb 17 2022

Version 21.2.3
Here's the scenario, I have multiple applications that are part of an overall application that are connected by SSO.
The "main" application contains the Navigation and Security settings. We've created the Roles in the Application Access Control and the Authorization Schemes in the "main" application. Then in the other applications we've created copies of those Authorization Schemes that are to be used in the other Application and Subscribed to the Authorization Scheme in the main application.
The idea was to aid in any updates that may be needed in the Authorization Scheme and not have to update each individual Application that is using the that Authorization Scheme and update it only in the "main" application and push the update to the other Applications that are using it, the whole idea behind using Subscriptions right?
A question came up regarding deploying an Application that has Authorization Schemes that are Subscribed. The company is going to be using an automated deploying tool, I think it's called Jenkins, for deployments to the QA and Production environments.
How do the Authorization Schemes that are subscribed get updated when using an automatic deployment tool? Does and Admin have to then go into the "main" application and click the "Publish" button after deployment or is there some command line process that could be used during the deployment process that will "Publish" the Authorization Schemes without an Admin having to go into the "main" application and click the "Publish" button?

This post has been answered by InoL on Feb 18 2022
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Added on Feb 17 2022