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Default UPLOAD file path to respective location folder

DK_HFMOct 1 2019 — edited Oct 1 2019

hi Experts,

i have created folder names individually as per the locations, (applied in system settings).

not if any user upload the file , this is default directing to FDMAPPS folder, instead of the respective LOCATION folder.

only if we browse the folder and upload hte file to that path, it works.

is there a way to default this location path at any script level or system setting level.

because i am using this file at my import script and i am unable to find it out, because each user may UPLOAD the file to different folders.

some at FDMAPPs, some at NBOXDIR, some may be at the respective locations.

is there a way to find the IMPORTED file location from the BEFORE import script.

This post has been answered by JohnGoodwin on Oct 1 2019
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