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Declarative component multiple instances

João RodriguesJun 18 2019 — edited Jun 21 2019

Hi, I have a custom declarative component for multi-select as in the following example:

Andrejus Baranovskis Blog: Custom Declarative Components in ADF Faces Rich Client

It works fine when I import this declarative component to another project by jar file and use just one instance of that component. But when I try to call multiple instances of that same component it doesn't work as is supposed to.



I have these two "Deps" and "Subclass", but when I try to open the "Deps" popup it doesn't work...

Only works for the subclass, and if I change the order of the components only the "Depts" work...

What should be opened for the "Deps":


I think that maybe the jar files are sharing information between the different instances, how can i turn them into independent from each other? Or other suggestions.

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Added on Jun 18 2019