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DDP003 producing XML errors, but I can't find the XML file

user8898915Sep 13 2019

Tools version 8.55.06

Product HCM 9.2

I recently changed SQR DDP003.  The advice prints a perfect pdf.  Then I tried to change the code that produces the xml for self-service paycheck viewing.  Now I'm getting this error when I try to view the paycheck.


I'm certain that I need to change something in my code, but I can't even find the xml file that could show me the error.  Maybe I ran the wrong component to generate the xml.

Could someone let me know what component should be used to generate the xml that I need for self service paychecks to display?

I would also like to know where the xml files are stored for viewing the paycheck in self service.

I could also use the name of the attachment table.


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Added on Sep 13 2019