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DBAdapter polling for new or changed records not issuing callback?

1017794Jun 28 2014 — edited Jul 3 2014


I have a requirement to poll a database table withing an asynchronous process. The reason I want to use a receive within an asynchronous BPEL is because the process needs to be notified many times thru polling. So might need many receive activities.

I have developed a process as described below :-

1. Created an asynchronous process.

2. Created a Database adapter for polling a table. Logical delete strategy is being used.

3. Have put a receive activity from the DB Adapter created.

4. Created a correlation set consisting of a single property(String)

5. Created a property alias to refer to

a. the input string of the asynchronous process. (unique for this process)

b. the input from the database adapter (unique for this process)

I initiate this process from the console. Then I inserted a record the table with proper inputs.

But the BPEL waits indefinitely at the receive activity.

When I try to poll the table from an empty BPEL process, it works perfectly fine.

Could someone please help me here.

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