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DB resource manager 12.2

User_RXNCFAug 23 2017 — edited Sep 4 2017

hello guru`s,

Oracle 12.2 database

I read Oracle DBRM documents, but I still has some confusion. DBRM only controls CPU and parallel servers or it also can control memory, and IO. If it cannot control memory and IO what is the best way to control.

for MEMORY and IO , there are PDBs parameters released in Oracle 12.2 but I am looking a way is it included in DBRM.

  • shares : The proportion of the CDB resources available to the PDB.
  • utilization_limit : The percentage of the CDBs available CPU that is available to the PDB.
  • parallel_server_limit : The percentage of the CDBs available parallel servers (PARALLEL_SERVERS_TARGET initialization parameter) that are available to the PDB.


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