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Datapump and advanced compression

Solomon YakobsonApr 3 2024 — edited Apr 3 2024

Sometimes I wonder if Oracle employees do any architectural reviews when developing new features. And datapump is one of such examples. If is not uncommon when we have some database servers where we are licensed for advanced compression and some database servers where we are not. If we import table with advanced compression to Advanced Compression unlicensed database we will be in violation. So in 12C Oracle decided to help us out and introduced TABLE_COMPRESSION_CLAUSE transform. Apparently datapump team never heard of advanced LOB compression (and deduplication) which is also controlled by Oracle Advanced Compression license. Same way they probably never heard of advanced index compression. Otherwise they would ask themselves a question: why are we implementing compression transform just for tables and not for LOBs and not for indexes???

We need to move databases from on-prem where we have Advanced Compression license to cloud where we don't and now it seems datapump export/import is not an option…


P.S. It seems index compression transform was added in 21C (we are on 19C yet) but no LOB compression/deduplication transform even in 21C.

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Added on Apr 3 2024