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Databases that need to restored+recovered 'ASAP'

Steve_74Jun 18 2020 — edited Jun 20 2020

Oracle DB version: 19c

OS : Oracle Linux 7.8

I have two RAC DBs in production. One DB is 2TB in size and another one is 1.5 TB. Currently, it is being backed up to DataDomain backup appliance.

I had done test restore+recovery of these 2 DB and following are the time it took.

2TB DB ----> 2 Hours

1.5TB DB ---> 1.5 Hours

Currently, I use Cumulative incremental backup for these 2 DBs.

But, application team wants these 2 DBs to be restored+recovered (be back up and running) 'ASAP', in case of a disaster.

In this case, 'Incrementally Updating Backups' mentioned in the below link is the best option. Right ?

I just have create a new diskgroup for each DB to store the image backups. i.e. The new Diskgroup size should be same as the DB size.

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Added on Jun 18 2020