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Database users and the application module pool

64854Jan 2 2002
I followed the Howto by Mr Oropeza on how to implement an
application manager that allows to use database users to connect
from BC4J. I am developing a web front end to an existing
application that has all the auditing and acces management
implemented on the DB, similar to Virtual Prived Database.

I have a problem with the implementation. When you login the
first time it works fine and takes the user supplied, the next
time somebody logs in it uses the username and pws supplied by
the firs user.
For now, i am in a hurry, I just want to solve the problem
creating a pool for each user,I saw a comment on that in the
howto, but I saw that the classes use the properties filename as
the pool name and I can't create a .properties for each user.

Wich is the best way to aproach create a pool for each user?

Thanks in advance

Andres Umana
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