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Database Upgrade from to 19.3

User_7HIREAug 16 2021 — edited Aug 17 2021

Hi All,
I am now in the initial stage of planning of the upgrade of Oracle Database to 19.3
After going through the notes, find that direct upgrade to 19.3 is only possible from
Following are the server specifications
image.pngI would like to know is it a good option to upgrade to the above mentioned New Server Specifications.
If am not going with transportable tablespace, do I need to consider the Endian?
opted for SPARC Servers as it is the best option in case of performance and also a cost saver in database license cost (in the long run).
opted SPARC T8-2 to have a Real Application Cluster Environment.
Regarding the upgrade, planning to upgrade from to in the current server itself and migrate and upgrade to 19.3 in the new Server. Will this be a right decision.
Please let me know your valuable comments.
Salih KM

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Added on Aug 16 2021
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