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Database Setup, Backup, Standby Database Plan

User_9POFVJun 1 2022

Hi Sir, I am newly appointed as Oracle DBA,
Present Situation
I have a database which is running in all over the province having hundreds of users. total size of the database is around 800GB. Unfortunately database is in noarchivelog mode. There is no backup strategy of backups, no one take even a single backup, no test database, very critical situation.
Now i have to start from zero, Give them a complete plan, how we can make the database safe, what should be the complete plan, Means
(a) create a test database
(b) what should be the backup plan
(c) what will be the strategies, in case we still run the database in no archive log mode, as we are afraid that , if we shut down it, and run it in archive log mode, it may not up and give us errors,
(d) how we can make a standby database which will be equal to our production database, so that , if we shut it down to make it archivelog mode, but before doing this, a stand by server will be ready to replace it;
(d) please help to make a complete plan

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Added on Jun 1 2022