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2787691Nov 4 2014 — edited Nov 4 2014

Good day , i have the following project which i have created for myself and i will implement by making use of java and MySQL . However , I would like some advise on the database tables.

From what i tried to design , my tables will be structured in this way :

Table Lecture : Lecture_Name , Lecture_ID(PK) , Lecture_Password , File_Question .

Table Student : Std_Name , Std_Number(PK) , File_Question(FK) , Std_Marks.

Is it the correct table or am i missing something crucial?

any help will be gladly appreciated.

A lecturer requires a program that administers multiple-choice tests. 

The lecturer would prepare questions for the Test Bank as a text file. The format would be: Category (One of 4. For example Networking) Question (One or more lines) Four alternative answers (Labelled a., b., c., d. One or more lines, each.) Blank line The correct option (a., b., c. or d. Only one option would be correct) Two Blank lines

A user will log on to the system either as a lecturer, or as a student. The user will have to enter a username and a password.

If the user is a lecturer, he/she will be asked To enter the name of the text file containing the new questions

The program would: Read the data from the text file.

If the user is a student, he/she would conduct a self-test by: Setting the categories (one, some, or all, of the 4 available categories).

The program would: Randomly select the required number of questions from the category (ies) chosen. Present the questions, together with their alternative answers, one at a time. Allow the student to select only one answer. Tell the student if he answered correctly or not. Present the next question. Give the student the results of the test expressed as the percentage of correct answers, after the student has answered all the questions.

Your minimum functional units are: i. teacher should be able to upload a file ii. student should be able to select and view questions from his interface iii. student should be able to select and answer questions from his interface

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Added on Nov 4 2014