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database/express suddenly fails to pull, needs auth ?

User_G3ON8Aug 18 2022

Hi all,
I am setting up/playing with a devops pipeline to (finally) test our stuff against a new fresh database instance. We used to have a global test database, but I want to steer away from that path as we experience many inter-dependency issues.
Anyway, on tuesday I was happily pulling a local image for I could even get that image to run successfully on Azure using the docker ACI integration (create an ACI docker context and use that for run).
As off today, the same image seems to require authentication (giving me 'unauthorized: authentication required'). I tried the one sensible thing I could think of and logged in using docker:
docker login
However, this gives me: 'Get "": unauthorized: authentication required'
What is going on ? Did something change on that registry ?
I accepted all database related licenses I could find, BTW (which may not be a good idea, but oh well).

Many thanks,
Henk de Koning

This post has been answered by User_G3ON8 on Aug 18 2022
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Added on Aug 18 2022
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