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database commit issued in forms. Is needed explicit commit in database procedure?

juliojgsMar 12 2024

I was discussing today with a partner how a commit issued in forms affects or not whatever dml has been executed in database plsql. Well this basic transaction concepts should be clear , but I confess I'm not sure about it.

I mean, this event sequence:

  • A form calls a database packaged procedure.
  • The procedure does some DML, and ends normally.
  • We issue a commit in the form.

Now the questions about what happens:

  • Is the DML commited?
  • Is it the same if we issue a “commit_form” built-in or a plain "commit"?
  • Does the form status matter? I mean, if forms detects it has nothing to commit.
  • What if the db procedure raises an exception between dmls … Can I handle and commit in the form the dmls that worked?
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Added on Mar 12 2024