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Daily Email With Condition

Alter BoyNov 9 2018 — edited Nov 9 2018


I have an application that I want to improve slightly. It's designed to control subbing shifts for my part-time job; I just made it as a practice exercise. When someone posts a shift, someone else can comment on it, and the poster can assign that person to the shift.

I have a SHIFTS table with SHIFT_DATE and TAKEN_BY which hold the day of the shift and the person who took it respectively. Since people might post this weeks in advance, I want to be able to send an email to remind people the day before that they offered to sub this shift. The goal is to have something running at like let's say 6:00pm every day. So at 6:00pm, it will check through SHIFTS and send an email to all TAKEN_BY people where SHIFT_DATE - 1 = sysdate

I already have a send_email procedure so the actual emailing is not a problem, I'm just wondering if there is a way to get something to run every day at 6:00pm that does what I specified.

Thanks for any help,


This post has been answered by cormaco on Nov 9 2018
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Added on Nov 9 2018