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Custom Time and Labor Manager Role where the user should access time card of users of the same depar

4137394Mar 24 2020

We have a custom requirement where a time keeper role should have all the access similar to a Time and Labor Manager. However, this custom role should be secured by the department.

Say, for example the department of the time keeper is A and there are two workers X and Y .X having department A and and Y is having department B. So, the Time keeper should be able to access the time only for worker X and not Y.

Approach followed :

1. Created a custom lookup under the lookup type PER_RESPONSIBILITY_TYPES : Time Keeper

2. Created a Person Security Profile, attached the Responsibility Type to the Person Security Profile and defined the scope of the Responsibility to Department.Include Shared People Information Checkbox is unchecked..

3. Now attached this Person Security Profile to the data role.

4. Assigned the data role to a user. Post this logged in as the same user and then validated the user can access time cards for all the workers.

Any pointers on this would be really appreciated.



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Added on Mar 24 2020