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"current/displayed" page form field value (before submit)

RTitsworth (Oracle)Oct 15 2021 — edited Oct 15 2021

I am using a SetValue dynamic action to set the value for a form field (:Field#1), based on the "displayed" value of another field (:Field#2) on the same page/form (before submit). This action is being triggered based on the LostFocus event of Field#2.
Currently, the LostFocus event and SetValue actions trigger as desired, but the value from Field#2 being used, is the original (db state) value, not the current/displayed (pending submit) value shown on the screen.
Is there a way (using PL/SQL or other) to reference the "current/displayed" value in a form field (before the page is submitted).
Ref: PL/SQL SetValue expression for Field#1, triggerd from Field#2 lost focus dynamic action...
CASE WHEN ( :Field#2 = 'something currently displayed' ) THEN 'this is the new value for Field#1' END
Thanks ;-)

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Added on Oct 15 2021