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.csv ActionScript files are not Stripping Quotation Marks

MNWApr 12 2017 — edited Apr 12 2017

Hi all,

We've run into a strange issue in DRM that, while there's a workaround, doesn't seem to be working as intended.

We'd like to use .csv files to create ActionScripts - it's far simpler than creating long concatenation formulas in Excel and then copying them into a text file to load.

We're using the ActionScripts to update members whose Node Name begins with one or many zeroes. In excel, leading zeroes are deleted when entering a cell value of type "General".

  • You can set the cell type to "Text", but .csv files cannot be saved with cell types. The next time you open the .csv file, any leading zeroes are deleted.
  • You can add an apostrophe or single-quote ( ' ) to the beginning of any cells with leading zeroes to retain the zeroes, but like the option above, the next time the .csv is opened, the ' and any leading zeroes are deleted.

So, we tried surrounding our "Node" column in the ActionScript with double quote characters ( " )and enabling the "Strip Quotation Marks" feature before loading the .csv file's contents. The double quote characters are not stripped during the file load, nor are they stripped during the running of the ActionScript, which causes an error.

TL;DR: The Strip Quotation Marks feature in ActionScripts is not properly stripping quotation marks from .csv Action Script files upon load.

We referenced Oracle Support Document 2083055.1 but following the steps do not fix the issue. Are we not understanding the "Strip Quotation Marks" feature? Mis-using it? Is it not compatible with .csv ActionScripts? Any suggestions would be helpful.