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CRS dependency

YeonHong.Min-OracleJul 24 2007 — edited Jul 24 2007
In 10g RAC&CRS database, if I do database shutdown, CRS doesn't do takeover of the VIP.
What is CRS dependence?

I know, if the VIP is done shutdown, listener is also done shutdown.
but ons, gsd is yet alive. And then VIP is done takeover.

but In between Instance & vip listener ons gsd , What is depencence?
Do listener & instance have nothing to do with CRS depencence?

If I configure dependence between instance & vip listener,
How can I do that?

Besides, while VIP is done takeover, why isn't listener done takeover?

Please help~!

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Angel Min
I cannot find out the reason in the metalink.
please give me the technical note.
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