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Creating Navigation BAR/MENU/LIST with APEX 5.04. (Format: Parent page -> sub page -> sub2 page (wit

3474044Jun 13 2017 — edited Jun 14 2017

Hi All,

I want to create navigation bar/lis (idk which one is it --> in the following picture). I want it to have parent , and its (parent's) sub pages: Parent >>>> when I click, it shows subpage by extending itself to drop-down,>>>> when i click sub page, it opens drop-down again ..... and continues like this.

How can i do it? Can anyone tell me steps? the following is the one i want to make like. and others are what settings i have,

Thanks for any help!

One i want to have like: (When i click appearance, it shows new page names by extending itself drop-down). I WANT IT TO BE IN THE LEFT SIDE OF THE PAGE AND  I WANT IT TO EXTEND TO DOWN AS IT IS SHOWING IN THE PIC. ALSO, I WANT SUB PAGES DO THE SAME THING: WHEN I CLICK THEM, THEY SHOULD show DROPDOWN LIST)


My settings:


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Added on Jun 13 2017