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creating an Object table with a Domain throws ORA-02330

Mike KutzFeb 22 2024

I'm trying to create an Object table where Domains are used for constraining some of the persisted data.

-- setup
create type test_me_t as object (id int);

create domain id_d as int
	not null check (value > 5);

-- this throws: ORA-02330: data type specification not allowed
create table test_me of test_me_t (
	id domain id_d

-- this works
create table test_me of test_me_t;
alter table test_me modify (id domain id_d);

-- clean up
drop table test_me purge;
drop domain id_d;
drop type test_me_t;

This post has been answered by Chris Saxon-Oracle on Feb 27 2024
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Added on Feb 22 2024